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Adal Foundation's impactful initiatives and their dedication to empowering underprivileged communities in Bangalore's urban slums.


Adal Foundation, in the heart of Bangalore, stands as a beacon of hope for urban slum communities. With unwavering dedication, we provide free groceries to 52 families and empower underprivileged individuals through education until they find sustainable employment. In a city where nearly one million people reside in slums, our mission is clear: to break the cycle of poverty by offering education and support to those in need. Join us in making a tangible difference in the lives of those striving for a brighter tomorrow.

Bank Name: ICICI Bank,
Account Name: Adal Foundation,
Account Number: 166501000652,
IFSC Code: ICIC0001665,Branch: HBR Layout, Bengaluru


At Adal Foundation, our commitment to transforming lives extends through comprehensive programs designed to ensure holistic development for every family and child. Our learning centers serve as catalysts for all-round growth, focusing on enhancing physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing while advancing education. We drive this impact through eight pivotal areas of intervention, nurturing individuals and families to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Ready to make a difference?

Join the movement of billions driving positive change. Whether you prefer dedicating your time to support our advocacy, contributing funds to fuel our growth, or channeling your energy to influence policy changes, we need your involvement. Be part of our team and let’s create a better world together! with each passing day each and every kid is filled with more and more light

Volunteer speak

It’s really amazing to know that the kids who are not so privileged have so much talent to offer. It’s nice working with them and at Adal I can see how they are loved and provided opportunities to grow. I just hope that with each passing day each and every kid is filled with more and more light.

— Joel

I’m constantly amazed by the incredible talent and resilience of the children here at Adal Foundation. Working alongside them has been truly heartwarming. Witnessing the love and opportunities they receive here fills me with hope. Every day, I wish for these wonderful kids to be surrounded by even more light and endless possibilities as they continue to grow.

— Saad

This is an awesome mission I must say giving a life and education to children is the most beautiful gift to humanity. I had an amazing time here at Adal. I hope to come back. All the best to all future endeavours.

— Shams

While the aphorism claims ‘there is a child in every adult,’ I believe it’s quite the opposite: ‘There is an adult in every child

— Arvind Shroff

Grocery Distribution

Financial Support

Health & Beauty Care

Kinder Garten

Skills & Sports

Tailoring Classes

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