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Privacy Policy

We appreciate that you, or a third party on your behalf, has provided us with your personal information. Obtaining personal information from our individual and corporate partners is central to our goal of providing exceptional service. However, we understand that in receiving this information, you expect us to treat it in an appropriate manner.

This policy is designed to provide you with further details on the type of information that we may collect about you, the purposes we might use that information for and the actions we take to safeguard your information.

2. Where we may collect information from
We will gather information from a number of sources. Typically, it is primarily drawn from requests for funding or other support from the Foundation or as a result of the Foundation working with you in respect of a collaborative project or pursuant to a request by you to the Foundation for information. After a relationship is established and develops, we may gather further information from you as you interact with us or make requests of us.

In addition to the information provided directly by you, we may gather information about you from a broad range of third parties. This includes other persons that you may instruct to assist you with your dealings with the Foundation, for example, your professional advisers or other partners. We may also seek information from individual reporting agencies about you. Third parties may be asked to undertake due diligence about you to assist us establish and maintain relationships which we believe are in the best interests of the Foundation.

We may also collect information from publicly available sources so that the Foundation can research potential funding opportunities and understand developments in the market. This could include, for instance, information about the management and other personnel at an organisation which the Foundation may be interested in collaborating with.

We may record communications with you, including retention of e-mails. We will do this in a proportionate manner and always in accordance with applicable laws and regulations designed to protect your privacy in this sensitive area. Typically we would not access your information regularly in this way. Rather, it will be used for compliance, internal control or security purposes.

Lastly, we may use closed-circuit television and recording systems in our offices to protect our staff and physical assets. The owners of the buildings we occupy may operate similar systems. As a result, your physical image may be captured by us on our premises.

3. The type of information we may collect

If you deal with the Foundation in an individual capacity or as the settler or trustee of a trust or the owner, member or employee of an organisation, we may collect the following types of personal information about you.

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